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I did my first programming course in my school days and performed well and excelled at it. But back then I did not realize my love and passion for programming and got my degree in Instrumentation Engineering. After that I started working full time as a Cyber Security Analysts. Here I was again introduced to the latest web development technologies in order to understand the web penetration methods. At this stage, I realized that I am really passionate in learning web development than anything else.

I started learning HTML, CSS and JS from scratch whenever I get some spare time. Then I was introduced to some amazing coding communities in Twitter. I started taking the #100DaysOfCode challenge to learn and log every single day. Now in almost 6 months, I learned a lot of new technologies and still persuing my coding passion without slowing down and learning every single day.


Git & GitHub

Web Developement Portfolio


Work Experience

Proofpoint - Email Security Analyst

April 2018 - Present (1 year 2 months)



Worked mainly on ProofPoint Application(One of the best email security providers) with one of the best team members co-ordinating each other to deliver the best for the clients. Customer satisfications and deliveries are always met - receiving high appreciations


  • Certified Proofpoint Administrator
  • In-depth knowledge about spam, phishing, spoof, bulk emails
  • Good understanding of Email security concepts SPF, DKIM, DMARC
  • Competent in powershell and linux scripting to provide automation in bigger tasks
  • Competent in cryptographic protocols such as TLS and SSL
  • Able to analyse raw email headers to find the root cause of an incident
  • Enforced Mandatory TLS Policy between domains
  • Enforced rules to prevent email Spoofing and phishing attempts
  • Provided email security awarness for fellow partners
  • Good experience in email security solutions - architecture and daily Operations
  • Have expert knowledge of the Messaging & Collaboration environments in order to be routinely involved in root cause analysis whenever issues arise in the production environment.
  • Effective in delivering solutions and providing speedy turn around when required

Data Security Administrator

Apri 2017 - March 2018 (1 year)



Started my carrer as a Security Administrator by learning and performing jobs on all the applications securing the data of a company. Learned about most of the Infrastructure Security Practices while giving my best in work


  • Good experience in Symantec EndPoint Security to provide support on all kinds of incidents
  • In depth experience in Symantec Certification(now integrated into Digicert)
  • Competent in creating CSR (Certificate Signing Request) with Private and Public keys for generating and renewing certificates
  • Experienced in Proofpoint - Email Security platform to maintain the email continuity and prevent email threats
  • Competent Zscalar - Cloud Proxy Service Provider in which enforced rules to block malicious sites
  • Worked and learned how RSA Secure ID works
  • Worked on Cisco Identity Serivce Engine (ISE) to control the access given to the personals
  • Little knowledge on Symantec DLP and Disk encryption platform
  • Learned about how basic F5 - Loadbalancer and Cisco ASA Firewall works


Instrumentation and Control Engineering

St.Joseph's College of Engineering

2012 - 2016

Chennai, TamilNadu, India


  • Coding
  • Netflix
  • Gaming
  • Cricket
  • Bug Bounty
  • CTF


  • Tamil
  • English