11 JavaScript Animation Libraries For 2019

11 JavaScript Animation Libraries For 2019

By Jonathan Saring

  • Three.js - This popular library is a great way to create 3D animations on the browser, using WebGL in an intuitive way. Providing canvas, svg, CSS3D and WebGL renderers, this library lets us create rich interactive experiences across devices and browsers.
  • Anime.js - Anime is a JavaScript animation library that works with CSS Properties, individual CSS transforms, SVG or any DOM attributes, and JavaScript Objects.
  • Mo.js - This library is a motion graphics toolbelt for the web, with simple declarative APIs, cross-device compatibility and over 1500 unit-tests. Tutorial
  • Velocity - Velocity is a fast Javascript animation engine with the same API as jQuery’s $.animate(). Intro and SVG Animation
  • Popmotion - Popmotion allows developers to create animations and interactions from actions, which are streams of values that can be started and stopped, and created with CSS, SVG, React, three.js and any API that accepts a number as an input.
  • Vivus - Vivus is a zero-dependencies JavaScript class that lets you animate SVGs, giving them the appearance of being drawn.
  • GreenSock JS - GSAP is a JavaScript library for creating high-performance, zero dependencies, cross-browser animations which claims to be used in over 4 million websites.
  • Scroll Reveal - This library provides easy scroll animations for web and mobile browsers, to reveal things on-scroll in an animated way.
  • WOW JS
  • Hover (CSS) - Hover provides acollection of CSS3 powered hover effects to be applied to links, buttons, logos, SVG, featured images and more, available in CSS, Sass, and LESS.
  • Kute.js - A fully fledged native JavaScript animation engine with essential features for cross-browser animations.
  • Typed.js - This 6K stars library basically lets you create typing animations for strings at selected speeds. & iTyped
  • Late addition: Lottie by Airbnb - Lottie is a mobile library for Web, and iOS that parses Adobe After Effects animations exported as json with Bodymovinand renders them natively.
  • Facebook Keyframes - For Mobiles
  • Planck.js - Animation with Physics
  • Animate CSS -

Honorable mentions - Not actively maintained

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