Top 10 Links-Monthly Post 1

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Hello readers, welcome to my first edition of Top 10 Links-Monthly Post 1. I have compiled a list of 10 cool things that I came across past month. I am very happy to give back to the community which helped me in learning a lot of information. This post was inspired from “The 5 Hacking Newsletter” . I thought of posting twice in a month but for now I will stick to monthly one.

So why wait, let’s get started with this month’s 10 cool things.

Web Security

1. Blog of the Month

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Bug Bounty Hunting Throughout the Galaxy. v2”

This blog post by Nick Jenkins will be your first go to place if you are  just starting your Web Security or Bug Bounty Hunting Journey. I have come across a lot and lots of blogs about “How to kick start your career into bug bounty or Web-Sec”, but he has just explained it too well.

2. Youtube Playlist of the Month

“LiveOverflow Web Hacking”

LiveOverflow Web Hacking is a playlist of basics into web hacking. If you are a very beginner to the web security, then I would advise you to watch all the videos each only 10 min long.

No bullshit fake hacking.

By LiveOverflow

3. Website of the Month

“The unofficial HackerOne disclosure timeline”

This website was very helpful in keeping me up to date with the Hacker One’s bug disclosures. For those who don’t know about Hacker One, it’s a Bug Bounty Platform to legally hunt for bugs in all the programs listed there.  

4. Practise Lab of the Month

“Attack Defense Lab”

Attack defense is a lab for pen testers who can get live servers right from the browser to hack into. This lab has servers for all kind of pen testers starting from beginner to advanced and they update the lab with new servers every day. Recently they have introduced the CTF lab which will help you gain knowledge through these challenges.

5. Vulnerabilities Explained


Hacksplaining – As per the name here you can get a very clear explanation of all the most common vulnerabilities. Developed for Developers.

6. Session of the Month

“Automated-Session-Handling using Burp Suite”

A wonderful Session by Riddhishree on Automated-Session-Handling, this could save a lot of time for pen testers who need to make different user logins for testing. I have attached the link to the slides shown in the session. Personally, this was my first Null meet in Bangalore chapter and I have gained a lot from those around there. Visit to Null if you wish to attend the meetup.

7. Vulnerability of the Month


BLEEDING BIT- This is the combination of two Zero-Day Vulnerability in Texas Instruments’ (TI) BLE chips used in Cisco, Meraki, and Aruba wireless access points. Anyone within the range of the access point and with enough knowledge can hack into the enterprise security over the air. Also do watch this YouTube video of this vulnerabilities hacked in live demonstration presented at Black Hat Europe 2018.

Web Development

8. Video of the Month

“What You Need to Know to be a Front End Developer in 2018”

Go through the above YouTube video if you want to become a Front End Developer. Must read the first comment by Code 101. Very Helpful.

9. Best Website of the Month

“What I gained after 100 days of Code”

Above YouTube video by Eleftheria Baotou about “What I gained after 100 days of Code” will give some helpful tips on self-motivation, time-management, setting priorities, staying organized, believing in yourself and keeping a balance between your career and personal life.


10. Post of the Month

“How To Make Next Year Your Best Year”

Dear readers, take some time to read this blog post by Darius Foroux. This will help you if you feel empty or you are blaming everything for your lack of growth.

“If you don’t like your life situation, you change it. You don’t complain. You don’t talk. You take matters in your own hand.”

By Darius Foroux

Finally, I hope the information was valuable for you. Share your feedback and suggestions to help me improve.

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