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Hello readers, this month I am back with another 10 useful links that will be worth reading. I have made small changes to the style of the blog.

  • Publishing as a Post not as a Newsletter which is appropriate for the contents.
  • In 10 links, first 4 will be focused on Web Security, the next 4 will be related to Web Development and the rest about some random topics.

Okay, enough with the introduction. Let’s get into this month’s top 10 cool things.

Web Security

1. Blog Post

“Practical Web Cache Poisoning”

Web Cache Poisoning, paper written by James Kettle. This is about his awesome research done by him by exploiting cache servers. Cache servers are the one that stands between the user and the web servers to reduce latency and improve the speed of the page when multiple users access the same page. Practical demo was shown in a conference video - YouTube.

2. Tips to Improve Bug Hunting


This Medium post by Prateek Tiwari is about the basic concepts of how and where to look for the bugs in a target domain. The way he has explained this topic is awesome. I hope these tricks will help you in your hunting as did for me.

3. Beginner’s Tutorial Video

“Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Tutorial”

Above playlist has a full set of Cross Site Scripting Tutorials covering what is cross site scripting, non-persistent scripts, reflected XSS, persistent scripts, redirect attacks, malicious attacks, cookie stealing, bypassing basic filters, bypassing more advanced filters, then analyzed the Tweet Deck XSS jQuery code. Tutorial by DrapsTV.

4. Practical Learning – Hands-on

“PicoCTF 2017”

CTF (Capture the Flag) is a nice platform to learn hacking or pen testing through the list of challenges. There are lot of CTF’s were conducted but this was developed for High School students. So, this will be a perfect start for those who needs practical knowledge on hacking. Got struck in between a challenge? You can use my writeup at GitHub the steps to solve it.

Web Development

5. Coding Challenge


Will you commit to code for the next 100 days continuously? then go ahead and start your wonderful journey. You must commit one hour daily to code with some rules to be followed. Your office, freelance or any other professional work will not be considered. “#100WordsaDay” in Twitter has a wonderful community with very supportive and inspiring people all around the world. I have started coding journey on Jan 4th and if you wish to check out my daily log, go here GitHub.

6. Blog Post


If you are using git daily and the same commands to pull, stage, commit and push, then it is time to learn git pro. Go through this post, his dedication in writing technical things are awesome. He has simplified things easily understandable so that everyone can become a Git Pro in 45 min.

7. YouTube Video

“All Software Developers NEED a Portfolio”

Everything you hear in this video is damn true. It doesn’t matter how good you are at programming if you can’t prove it’s nothing. A portfolio is something all software developers need because it allows us to show off our work to clients and our code to employers.

8. Practical Learning

“Learn Regular Expressions”

This Course introduces you to regular expressions (also called regex or regexp) through the lens of JavaScript. Interactive course is it’s best part because interacting with the code makes the knowledge stick, as opposed to simply watching normal video tutorials.


9. Best Blog Post


Everyone knows what to learn but not how, even if we know how to do it, we lack consistency in learning daily. So, there must be a proper plan with the interest to master a subject. In this blog post, you will get know how to be more productive while learning new things. Techniques used by the author of the blog are much helpful. I have applied to my own style and worth trying.

10. Best Book Read

“The Secret”

SECRET is all about “The Law of Attraction” with the Universe. This book guides its readers to get confidence in their life and feel gratitude for even the good things. “THINK – BELIEVE – ACT” are the three mantras to get what you want to happen. It may take weeks, It may take months, but don’t give up yet. One day, Universe will return all the good things it has attracted. You have consequences too, if you think of bad things, then it means you are attracting more bad outcomes yourselves.

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