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Welcome back to my 3rd post in Top 10 Useful Links series. This month after much difficulty I decided this 10 links amongst a lots of useful sites I have read. This time I have followed the same format, but with a slight change. Web Development Section comes before the Web Security Section because of my recent interest in this field.

Okay!!!, lets get straight into the main stuff.

Web Development

1. Medium Post

“Learning to Code: When It Gets Dark”

As said in my last post about “100DayOfCode”, this is a continuation to that. Reading this post, you will learn a way to boost your confidence, steps to stop procrastinating things and to overcome your own resistance. Beginning to code and making it as a practice? you will often face a lot of resistance. Because you are developing a new habit. In my personal experience, I have been coding daily for at least 1hr for the past 75 days (the time I am drafting this post) overcoming a lot of resistance and being less prone to procrastinating important things.

2. Useful Tip

“CSS Margin Shortcut”

A simple tip to apply HTML margin to an element which you might not be aware.

3. YouTube Video

“FreeCodeCamp vs CodeCademy | Which One is Better? Which One Should You Learn With?”

Get into the discussion of a Dev who recommends the better material for the self learners by going through the pro’s and con’s between CodeCademy and FreeCodeCamp. My vote goes to FreeCodeCamp as there is a lot of fuzz going around this in Coder Community.

4. Best Post


This is quite a big post but this a try. You will learn a lot of useful techniques to get a developer Job.

Web Security

5. Largest Breach

“Credential-stuffing-scammer-lists-620-million-records-on-the-dark-web ”

This month we saw millions of PII records on the Dark Web sold in two batches within two weeks. Dream Market is the one selling this information with the support form a hacker known by Gnosticplayer. He seems to be the one behind these breaches. His aim was to hack for his living until 1 billion records where hacked. Lot of companies fell victim into this breach including Dubsmash and MyFitnessPal.

6. Beginner’s Explanation

“Proxy Server”

Get to know about the proxy server and its types through this post with video explanations.

7. Beginner’s Explanation

““Guide to Crypto-Hashes””

I came across this post, when I was searching for some resources to learn about Cryptography. With this post, you will be able to clearly understand how to use hashing in obfuscating strings or passwords and different methods use for hashing.

8. Vulnerability News

“Two-decade old WinRAR Vulnerability”

Discovery of two-decade old vulnerability in WinRAR came to light after a report from a security researcher. He exploited the vulnerability in a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) which was developed in 2016 to support ACE format. But a patch has been released promptly by ending the support to ACE format.


9. Motivational Post

“The Mindful Fitness Challenge”

Take a ride into this post, I bet you will get some ideas to better manage your life.

10. Windows Feature Update

“Windows 10 April 2019 Update”

Get a sneak peek into all the upcoming biggest new features and changes which you can expect to see when it begins rolling out this spring. My most anticipated “SandBox” feature will be out with this update.

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This will be the last post in this series, because of my concentration in #100DaysOfCode. I hope to restart this series in future when I am more skilled.

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